Well-Being in the Digital Age

Why attend this learning programme?

We are always connected. Everything is going faster. It seems impossible to get away from our mobiles, tablets and computers. The digital age is revolutionizing our workplace. New technologies are impacting our experience of interpersonal relationship and of our well-being. Are you staring at your phone already ?


To change your approach and improve the way you feel in your busy modern life. To explore this new age of technology and find balance with your well-being.

How will you benefit?

You will learn to:

  • Become aware of your mindset and find a new energy balance,
  • Balance your professional and private lives so that both enrich each other
  • Develop a methodology to improve stress management,
  • Properly assess your accomplishments,
  • Better know and coach yourself.

Who should attend?

Any professional wishing to learn how to face the new challenges of the digital age and cultivate a healthy life.

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