Unleash your potential


WHY attend this learning programme?


The self-coaching methodology aims at helping you generate changes in your daily life. It shows you how to identify and pursue your own goals and objectives through proper strategies, unlocking your potential as you develop your innate creative issue solving methods.

Self-coaching is about taking control of your actions, becoming your own coach. With this mind-set, you will take the initiative to create positive changes in your life without resorting to a life coach or counsellor. Self-coaching will eventually become an automatic response to challenges in your life and a key to increased success.


"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" (Aristotle)


HOW will you benefit?


During this workshop, you will learn:

  • Efficient self-coaching techniques
  • How to solve problems faster
  • To maintain a complete control of your own success
  • More about yourself
  • To become a better mentor for others
  • To gain self-confidence, determination and motivation


WHO should attend?


Experienced professionals who are prepared to identify and pursue their own goals and unleash their potential. Managers or individuals who are ready to take control of their actions.


WHAT will you learn and experiment?


Maintain a complete control of your own success. Self-control should translate in becoming more independent and managing one’s own life and career. You will be willing to assume more responsibility and take initiative. This saves time and money for the company and makes you focus on the things that matter.

Solve problems faster. People who have defined clear values and goals for themselves find it easier to identify the strategies and tactics that suit them and become more resilient and less hesitant when facing problems.

Become a better mentor for other. If you master the techniques to coach yourself, you can also help others Managers should be able to coach their staff so that they can also learn to self-coach. This cascade effect results in increased efficiency and a happier workforce.

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