Personal Influence

Increase your impact and motivate those around you


WHY attend this learning programme?


This workshop will benefit those who depend on interpersonal relationships and want to deepen understanding of the impact they have on others and the subtleties of influencing skills.

Learn how to engage others, create an environment of collaboration around yourself and increase your sphere of influence. Be a source of inspiration, encouragement and guidance and persuade your colleagues and counterparties more effectively without compromising your values and integrity.


“Influence may be the highest level of human skills”


HOW will you benefit?


After this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise what highly influential people do
  • Understand the new psychology behind influencing
  • Differentiate between Push and Pull strategies
  • Identify your own influencing style and its impact
  • Use a range of influencing styles
  • Understand how others think and how to motivate and inspire them
  • Recognise the key motivators of others
  • Go beyond influencing and inspire others
  • Know how to obtain better results through influence
  • Better structure any conversation, briefing or presentation
  • Seek win/win situations
  • Create impact through voice and body language
  • Overcome most of resistance


WHO should attend?


Experienced professionals who are prepared to take a leading role in their organization or drive their career to the next level.

Leaders who need to make an impact and motivate others, whether colleagues, peers, reports, people higher up in the hierarchical scale, commercial or personal relationships.


WHAT will you learn and experiment?


Be aware of the power of influence

  • Become conscious of the kind of energy you create around you
  • Adapt yourself to your audience

You can only communicate with the appropriate tone if you understand what moves you but also if you are able to see what drives other individuals.


Influence at all levels

  • Influence not only those you report to you but also peers and management

Adapt your behaviour and understand the relationship between authority and influence. If you are a manager, inspire and motivate beyond the power of authority. With those you do not manage, feel more confident increasing your sphere of influence even without holding titles.


Learn how to present yourself better

  • First impressions count: be aware of the visual impact of your presence
  • Learn how to express yourself with impact

More confident presence will improve your ability to express yourself, whether at public speaking events, in internal or external meetings or in one-to one relationships.


Use influencing techniques within an ethical framework

  • Be aware of the responsibility that goes with influence
  • Protect your reputation

Understanding how to influence other individuals is a powerful tool, but it will only work if the values and goals that motivate personal influence are in line with integrity. Management should observe that participants will be more aware of the long term impact of their behaviour.

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