Conflict Management & Resolution

Manage and resolve conflicts more effectively


WHY attend this learning programme?


Conflicts can be constructive, stimulating progress, supporting innovation and leading to smarter ways of working. However, if they remain unresolved, conflicts hinder collaboration and the ability to achieve results.

This workshop provides you with the practical tools to face and resolve conflicts in a win-win way.

Effective conflict management results in better communication, increased performance and improved interpersonal relationships.


“The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress”


HOW will you benefit?


You will learn to: 

  • Recognise what highly influential people do
  • Understand the new psychology behind influencing
  • Differentiate between Push and Pull strategies
  • Identify your own influencing style and its impact
  • Use a range of influencing styles
  • Understand how others think and how to motivate and inspire them
  • Recognise the key motivators of others
  • Go beyond influencing and inspire others
  • Know how to obtain better results through influence
  • Better structure any conversation, briefing or presentation
  • Seek win/win situations
  • Create impact through voice and body language
  • Overcome most of resistance

By learning to put yourself in the shoes of other parties, becoming more aware of diversity, thinking of the team impact of communications and being able to adapt your behaviour to the situation, conflicts can be managed and resolved more creatively without resorting to unpleasant, energy-consuming arguments.


WHO should attend?


Experienced professionals who are prepared to improve their interaction skills and recognize today’s complex organisations challenges.

Leaders who need to foster collaboration, make an impact and motivate others, whether colleagues, peers, reports, people higher up in the hierarchical scale, commercial or personal relationships.


WHAT will you learn and experiment?


Understanding your own conflict management style and that of others should result in strengthened self-control, more flexible behaviour. Conflicts can more easily be avoided or minimized. When they exist, people should spend less unproductive time protracting unresolved situations. Dealing with conflicts in a mature way increases alertness and concentration, eliminating wasted time and energy. A different approach to conflict should translate into a more harmonious and relaxed communication style. Knowing that there are different solutions available and encouraging to explore those releases tension in the workplace. You should be able to observe more respectful communications and reduced levels of stress.


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