Branding for Success

Entice your audience and cultivate visibility


WHY attend this learning programme?


This workshop will benefit those who want to raise awareness among their stakeholders and entice their audience. Professional branding will foster their visibility and careers.

By building an effective brand with clarity and authenticity, leaders will motivate their customers, connect with them and increase loyalty. With a brand mind-set, project leaders will develop a stronger position to achieve success.

The true measure of branding success is earning loyal customers who will be-come your brand ambassadors as well.


HOW will you benefit?

After this course participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate Branding - Marketing - Advertising
  • Understand factors contributing to your project branding
  • Generate brand loyalty
  • Understand what a brand is and the psychology behind branding
  • Improve impact through brand recognition
  • Understand what helps brands connect with their customers
  • Position a brand successfully
  • Increase your visibility in the organization
  • Identify your own personal brand and its impact

WHO should attend?

This training targets experienced professionals who are prepared to take a leading role in their organization or are ready to drive their career to the next level.


WHAT will you learn and experiment?

  • 1. What is branding
  • 2. Branding the right way
  • 3. Ingredients to build a successful brand
  • 4. How to establish brand trust
  • 5. Brand & Influence

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