Advanced Negotiation

Become a wise negotiator and build constructive relationships


WHY attend this learning programme?


Negotiation issues are a common part of today’s business world. Whether with colleagues or external business partners, within your team or other departments, adequate negotiation strategies lead to greater productivity and better working atmosphere.

This workshop will help you explore how to address those issues and turn them into successful and harmonious collaboration.

Advanced negotiation strategies help manage conflicts successfully, solve problems, get deals done and manage team projects better. The ability to negotiate effectively and build constructive relationships should consistently result in less time-consuming exchanges and faster results.


“Always be prepared to negotiate, but never negotiate without being prepared”


HOW will you benefit?

You will learn to:

  • Plan complex negotiations, to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Handle difficult situations as they arise
  • Objectively evaluate your negotiating effectiveness and plan your negotiation behaviour
  • Deal with persuasive language and maintain dialogue.
  • Learn negotiation principles:
    • Reservation Point
    • BATNA
    • Bargaining VS Negotiating
    • Distributive VS Integrative
    • Negotiation Styles
    • Interests VS Positions
  • Explore negotiation techniques
  • Identify the impact of your communication
  • Develop a more harmonious and relaxed negotiation style
  • Learn to deal with political issues
  • Move from compromise to strategic collaboration

WHO should attend?

Experienced professionals who are prepared to improve their negotiation skills, foster collaboration and take a leading role in their organization.

Leaders who need to make an impact and motivate others, whether colleagues, peers, reports, people higher up in the hierarchical scale, commercial or personal relationships.

This workshop can be followed independently, but it may be preferable to follow the Conflict Management training first so that participants can build on their communication skills.


WHAT will you learn and experiment?


Using a variety of negotiating principles will increase chances of building win-win solutions and avoiding a deadlock. Strategic, tactical and relational behaviours should be adapted to the circumstances, facilitating deal-making and arriving at an agreed solution suitable for all those involved.

Preparation will make you save lots of time and energy. Negotiations will be more relaxed and harmonious. Negotiators will feel less stressed and leaders will be able to focus on getting things done, rather than managing unnecessary escalations.

The negotiation techniques allow for self-understanding of one’s own reservation points and limits. You will know how to move within your margin of manoeuvre.


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