Executive Coaching

BreathingStone provides tailor-made one-to-one coaching based on proven methodology and experience, and integrating your unique lifestyle and goals.

  • You will build a trust relationship with your coach - on an entirely confidential basis - that will help you go beyond the symptomatic diagnosis and advice.
  • You will work with your coach in understanding yourself and your circumstances, to then develop your own –personal- strategy that will help you regain your ability to function well and live a life which is coherent with your inner values and motivation.
  • We will use a thought-provoking, self-discovering methodology which will put you in a better position to change patterns of behaviour, understand your thinking and acting patterns and apply conflict management strategies and techniques.

The personal development coaching modules will make the difference between “coping” with your life and setting yourself to thrive, both personally and professionally. Your coaching experience will make the difference between knowing what is wrong, and finding ways to fix it.


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